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MDL Expo Factory
MDL Expo Craftsman working with wood

Team spirit does not simply exist, it is created. Over the years, we have become closer and grown together through our challenges. Today, we can proudly say that our company feels like a family, where we all stand up for each other.

Even during the pandemic, we managed to retain our entire team and even expanded it. This is due in particular to our ability as a team to adapt to new situations particularly quickly. We expand our skills and perspectives with each new project and approach them with open-mindedness and creative thinking.

In 1996, when we had just started building stores and hanging out at the first trade fairs, we never would have dreamed of all this. Nevertheless, our core DNA has remained unchanged. A little crazy, always in action and passionate about delivering the best quality. That's precisely why we've made a name for ourselves in many industries. As a team, we don't shy away from any task, but march forward true to the motto „There's no such thing as can't“. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Portrait of Ramona Steinbrecher

Sales & Marketing


Organizational genius, good soul, technical department

Portrait of Stefan Loeffler



Skateboard fan, tattoo crazy, our rock in turbulent times

Portrait of Steve Tustain

Senior Sales Director International


English -Native Speaker-, fulfills stereotype and plays golf

Portrait of Patrick Dory

Head of Estimation


Likes numbers and is a self-confessed Kaiserslautern fan

Portrait of Luca Löffler

Head of Project Management


Keen eye for details, always on the edge, on the move worldwide

Portrait of Mel, the office dog
Portrait of Cara, the second office dog

Wood experts

Mel &

Quality control of wood and snacks, security team

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